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Are Suspenders Making a Comeback?

July 22, 2009

I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed that suspenders are making a comeback. Not just men are wearing them. Even women!

Well now that it’s becoming official, how do you wear them, exactly? I’ve taken out some time to explain the basics for you.

First, find the right kind. There are two kinds of suspenders, ones that clip on, and ones that button on the inside of your pants. It totally depends on what you like, personally. I like the clip because you can fit them on anything, and none of my pants have button holes inside them.

Second, decide what patterns you want. Normally, I would say stay away from patterns, but I’m not your mother. I can’t tell you what to do. I can only hope you choose to do the right thing. Patterns are for the most part tacky, and should not be worn. For example, don’t wear heart-patterned suspenders. They are supposed to be a subtle accent to your outfit, not exactly a bold statement. Someone should look at you quickly, look away, and then look back because something wonderful caught their eye. If people stare at you with weird looks, it’s because you’re wearing patterned suspenders.

These are obviously not okay.

These are obviously not okay.

Then again, some patterns might work, like these:

These would work...(not particularly with this outfit though)

These would work...(not particularly with this outfit though)

Third, decide if it works with your pants. For example, you don’t really want to wear the clip on ones with pants that have belt loops. It doesn’t normally look all that great. However, sometimes you can pull it off.

sometimes clip ons work with belt loops

Sometimes clip-ons work with belt loops

Lastly, they need to compliment your outfit. If they don’t go with the shirt or pants, you’re doing it all wrong. Also, if your suspenders ARE your outfit, or they’re wearing you, and not the other way around, you’ve got some issues to work out!

So what do you think? Are suspenders making a comeback? Should they? Let me know in the comments section! And feel free to send links to other pics if you want my opinion!

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  1. Amanda A. permalink
    July 22, 2009 3:40 am

    I really think they are making a comeback, and they’re pretty cool when executed properly.
    Great info!
    I just hope only the people who can pull them off wear them!

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