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Shorts With Leggings…Summer Will Never End…

August 3, 2009

Alright. So I know I’ve been a little lazy with posting, but It’s hard when your mac is packed up, ready to be sent to get fixed, for like two weeks. Well I finally got the screen fixed, so we can sort-of get back to business. I’m on vacation without a camera, so It’s hard to really blog when you can’t take pictures. Anyway, I have a new topic you might be interested in. Yah, you guessed it, shorts with….gulp….leggings.

Okay, first of all whose idea was that? Givenchy might have shown them first a while ago, but how did it catch on? I guess it looks…okay…I hope I don’t regret saying that, but it actually does in some instances.

They don't look bad on the perfect model...

They don't look bad on the perfect model...

It’s really all about how you execute it. For example, you have to have the perfect shoes. You can’t just walk around with any old pair of shoes that don’t fit the look. I’m loving the whole gladiator theme here…but then again I’m biased because I love glads.

Second, your leggings have to fit your shorts and whatever else you’re wearing. For example, this is not okay:



The leggings have nothing to do with the shorts, and don’t match the clothes. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying everything has to match, but it needs to somehow “fit” with what you’re wearing. Also, these shorts don’t work with these leggings.

Third, you need to have appropriate legs. You can’t have EXTREMELY skinny legs. Then the leggings stick onto you, and you look like walking sticks.

These work because he's not dangerously anorexic

These work because he's not dangerously anorexic, although the shorts are too short and leggings too long...

If you’re like me, you’ll sway away from this growing fad, because you’ve already been made fun of by everyone for being super skinny. Do me and EVERYONE a huge favor, and don’t even try to do this. Thanks. Much appreciated.


Luther Yamaguchii

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