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New Topman Trend: Location

August 4, 2009

Alright…So this is my second post today. I’m on a roll. I just wanted to let some people in on a little information that I got a while ago. There’s a new trend showing up around the world. It’s called…Location…I know, how ironic.

Location is really all about traveling and looking glamorous. Almost as if you have an old camera strapped to your neck and only a few dollars in your pockets roaming the streets. The reason why it’s called “location”, is because it’s supposed to be influenced on your travels. The point is to mix different things together, that you normally wouldn’t. Layering is really key, even accessories. Here are some examples:

An example of layering
An example of layering
Another example
Another example

Ok, now I’m going to show you an outfit I picked out myself. It uses Topman’s clothes featured in the Location trend page, and now you’ll have an idea of what to look for.

Yellow V
Yellow V

First let’s start with the Tee. I chose this yellow V-neck tee. It looks really good, and fits tightly too. It hugs your skin, which can be great in many reasons. It looks good with layers, and it also makes you look thinner and muscular. However, be careful. If you’re overweight, you should not try wearing this. You can always go for a more looser-fitting shirt, like a graphic tee. Those work almost as well.

Medium-washed skinny jeans

Medium-washed skinny jean

Next we have the jeans. I chose these medium-washed skinnies, because they work well with light and dark clothes. It’s also the perfect shade for the tee, and blazer we will add. I always choose skinny over baggy, because baggy makes you look really disorganized and kind of nasty. The Skinny fit makes you look more put-together, and clean. It also makes your legs look better.

Black Razor Skinny Blazer

Black Razor Skinny Blaze

Now we move onto the Blazer. This is kind of key to the whole trend, because of the whole idea of layering. This is a skinny blazer, so obviously you can’t wear it if your overweight. It really does look good if you wear it right, and it will look great with the jeans and the V-neck. it will also look great with the scarf we’re going to add and the shades.

Bengal striped scarf

Bengal striped scarf

Now we add the scarf. I chose this one because it will look great with what we have so far, and it we ALWAYS need an accessory. Scarfs always look great, and this one in particular looks fantastic.

Classic Style Sunglasses

Classic Style Sunglasses

Lastly, we have the shades. These are classic style, and will complete our “location” look. Sunglasses always top off a look, and these look great with the scarf and the blazer.

Now you can shop this look for yourself, and choose anything along the lines of what we have here. Now don’t forget, LAYER!!!!

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