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Over The Knee Boots Are In!!!

September 4, 2009

Yah I know, It’s been a while…again. I’ve been vacationing in Montauk…and I was told I’m not allowed to work during my vacation. So anyways, I just wanted to enlighten everyone on something I really like. The over the knee boot. Nowadays, everyone is trying their best to stand out, but how can you stand out when everyone else is trying at the same time? It’s too hard.

But there’s something you can do to really escalate your look. Knee High boots. They’re the perfect thing to give you the extra looks from everyone around you!

Would you look at that...

Would you look at that...

Knee High boots draw attention to your legs, and really elongate them. They may look weird if you’re short, but always look great on tall people. You can match them with dresses or skirts, but they usually don’t look good with shorts, or mini shorts.

So what should you look for? Well, first I would start with the color. There are so many colors to choose from, black and brown the most common. There are also some more exotic colors, that you can deffinetly pull off as long as you’re wearing the right outfit. The only thing is, if you get an unusual color, it may be hard to wear them more often, because you may only have one of two outfits that work with it. Don’t ever go for white, because for one, it usually looks cheap. Second, it’s easy to mark. The last thing you want is to spend real money on white boots and scratch them or spill something on them. They’re shoes, and you’re bound to step in something or spill something on them.

cellocellofashion-trend11As you can see, you can pull off purple as long as it obviously works. The next thing to look for is the fit. You don’t want something that’s too wide around where thighs are. I think fitted looks best, but you can have some room so you don’t stop the circulation in your legs.

fashion-trend12Now the first one above is really crazy, and it looks like a snake swallowed her legs. Don’t go for this!! It’s not attractive at all. The rest are okay. Third from the left my favorite. Sleek, and not too busy. You can find these everywhere, from Ugg Australia to Topshop Unique.

Oh I almost forgot!!! Most knee high boots scream sex!! Don’t let this happen. Whatever you choose, make sure they’re classy and sweet, like the first picture of this post. You don’t want to be caught looking overly sexy, especially in school!

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