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It’s Not Totally Crazy Anymore!

October 28, 2009


Miu Miu with boots

Miu Miu Socks with boots



It’s that time of year when socks make a comeback! Have you guys noticed, well of course you’ve noticed, long socks are the shiz with boots now! You see them everywhere you look! I actually find it quite comical how once it starts to get cold it’s all of a sudden “acceptable” for such behavior. If I was the dictator of fashion (or Anna Wintour), I would totally love to see boots with long socks all year round! I think when done with the right socks, it actually looks quite flattering.

So here’s the part where I take you through the steps on how to execute this properly:

1) Find the right boots! NO RAINBOOTS! There’s nothing I hate more than seeing someone with a patterned rubber pair of rainboots and colorful, crazy socks! So I repeat, no rainboots (unless you don’t trust my judgement)!

I would recommend boots that are thin and have some sort of decoration, be it buckles or chains. I really like Frye boots, so you can always look at their website, buy them, and if you’re trying to save money, look online for some sort of variation of what you want. My mother has actually discovered the prospects and rewards of online shopping….but be careful, it could be dangerously addicting…

2) Sockify! Now you’re looking for socks that compliment your outfit, as well as your boots. You don’t want something so attention grabbing that everyone has to stare at it (in disgust), instead of your whole outfit. I would go for something neutral colored, like blacks, browns, or grays. You can, however, be a little more adventurous and try something beyond the normal colors, like pink, purple, green, but I would refrain from patterns!

I would also go for something more textured, like wool! Wool is always a great choice, unless you find it itchy. You can also go for something more along the lines of cashmere. That works too. I was actually looking at an old fashion magazine from last september/october that showcased long socks from Miu Miu that were in some sort bejeweled. Instead of jewels, they had random, but none the less awesome artifacts sewn in some sort of random pattern. I think they were buttons, in different sizes and colors. I really want them but they’re so expensive, so I think I’m going to go to a button shop and sew them myself, to a really nice pair of wool socks.


Miu Miu

Would you look at that!



When I do this, I will totally create a tutorial for all you readers who want to re-create this look. Although it was from last fall, it’s still going to be hot, and you’re going to look totally unique and amazing. I can see it now, customized wool socks!

One more thing to look out for is the length. I really think any length is ok, as long as it’s not outrageously long.

3) Finialy, style it! You can just slip them on, or you might want to cuff them. Whatever floats your boat.


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  1. believeindream permalink
    November 8, 2009 6:29 am

    Ya. i agree with you. NO RAINBOOTS with socks!
    Love the blog! Nice Job!

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