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Zoolander Fashion Show….

November 6, 2009

Okay, so a few weeks ago…well I don’t remember how long ago maybe two weeks ago I took part in this Zoolander Fashion show, created and hosted by Bob Bland, the creator of Brooklyn Royalty (It’s a pretty awesome line of clothes and accessories). Tickets were 5, and if you donated a “fashionable” piece of clothing for Housing Works, you got in for free. I just thought I should share some of the DIY fashions that were created for the show, (including my own), and many were created on the spot in a matter of minutes. Enjoy!



Plastic Bag Dress

Cute Plastic Bag Dress

Crazy ONe

This is a crazy plastic bag dress with inflated bags in the back

Duct Tape

Entirely Duct Tape Dress..with a cute little duct tape bow


The Dress I Made, Entirely Out Of Plastic Bags!

A CLose up

Just a close up


Uhhh...Well I was modeling the trench coat, but added my duct tape short shorts...



Lastly, a GROUP PHOTO! (With Lady Gaga!!) (JK she's a look alike)

It was a pretty crazy night, but I learned a ton about making clothes in under 10 minutes, and using really weird materials. I even ended up taking home an awesome bag and shirt from Brooklyn Royalty. Apparently, Fashion Indie Magazine wants to feature this, and will be apart of next year’s BIGGER AND EVEN BETTER Zoolander Party!!!



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