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November 7, 2009

The eighties certainly weren’t forgotten this year, as many designers flocked to incorporate this not-so-new fad into their work. Minis, metalics, and what I like to call “robot” shoulders made it to fashion week and they’re popping up everywhere. I guess I’ll just fill you in on the whole “sexy night club” look.


Antonio Berardi

Well, I guess we can tackle the robot arms as well as the mini and the metallic all at once! As you can see, “padded” shoulders are gaining on us at the moment. I like to call them robot arms because they make you look like some sort of animatronic robot. You should totally go for the look if you don’t mind poking someone’s eyes out by accident. But, I’ll be real for now and just fill you in on some things, just in case you really want to go for this.

First, you have to be skinny!!! I don’t want to sound mean, but it only looks good on skinny people. The shoulders take up some room, and you don’t want to hog up all the space in a room because you’re big to begin with. I’m sorry but that’s just not going to happen. Second, find the right size. You should find a dress/skirt/jacket with the padded shoulders that are the right size for you. They should be proportionate to you, and they should not be oversized. I don’t want to discourage you from trying new things, but this is one fad best to be left strictly with models.

But, we can still talk about the “sexy” factor. This is still an amazing dress. The fact that it’s form fitting makes it super sexy and the ultimate “party girl/classy cocktails at the SoHo house rooftop” I would just warn against big boobs, because it might will look weird in something with this bust cut. Lastly, you should pair it off with cute skinny heels or boots, your choice, but preferably in black.



I just wanted to show another mini…just for the heck of it. You get the idea. I like this one because you could wear it on a night on the town, or you could also wear it during the day, only because of the color. It’s got a fun vibe that can be translated as “boy does she know how to dress” or “I wonder what club she’s going to tonight”.



Leather is also back…not really a surprise. As you can see, in order to make leather more current, designers are making them into skinny jeans, which are sexy and edgy at the same time. I have nothing against leather skinny jeans, as long as you follow the rules of skinny jeans, primarily that you can fit into them without them making you look fat. It’s also good to notice that the outfit as a whole is balanced. You don’t want your shirt to “scream”. What I mean by that is, if your jeans are elaborate, you don’t want your shirt to be crazy too. You want to keep it simple, and not have too many things going on.

One rule I would follow with leather skinny jeans (well if they’re black), is stay away from black boots. I really do not like that, and you shouldn’t either. You don’t want your jeans to blend into your feet. Your jeans should be the star of the show, and should stand out. I would suggest heels or some nice flats, but never tall, or short boots. It really ruins the effect.



This was another example of metallics, leather, and the robot arms, although they’re not as “robotic” as the other example. I can tolerate this. This is just here as inspiration, and just to sum things up a bit. The 80s are back, minus the tacky hair, and better than ever. Just go with the flow and look for leather, anything metallic, and fitted, padded jackets. Let me know if you need any extra advice!

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