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Rodarte For Target Arrives Soon!

December 10, 2009

I know it’s been a while but I’ve been thinking about how this website is going to work. And I realized that I want to give fashion advice, talk about fashion, and also talk about things that inspire fashion. New York City living.

So yah just some thoughts.

Anyway so I have some news. Rodarte is coming to Target! Yes!

The girls of Rodarte will reveal their collection on December 20th, and will be in stores through January 31st.  Now some of the pieces are pretty classy…and others….not so much.

But overall it’s pretty fierce!

So let’s start with this. Now I love the first one, with the cardigan and belt. Notice the socks with the boots 🙂 The printed dress is also pretty nice.

Now I DO NOT like the little “fur” jacket, or the normal striped shirt. You can get a striped shirt like that anywhere, and the jacket is really fugly. I’ve seen it up close and it looks like a bad knockoff fur for about 3 dollars.

Lastly, love this cardigan, and belt. The dress is also awesome and the lace leggings melt my heart.

Now onto these. Firstly, is this underwear or something you actually wear out? No idea. But I love the idea of using lace/lingerie for a cardigan.

Second, same thoughts. And the color is a pretty unusual yellow, but none the less sweet. Skirt is really cool.

Lastly, I’m not really feeling the bottom shape of this dress, but I like the top idea with the bows. Cute. Innovative. But the bottom is a hot mess. Makes you look really wide.

Okay. Love the short shorts. And the whole lace bra top going on.

Second. Ew. I know animal print is in right now, but come on. This is too much. TUIM (Throw Up In Mouth). (I just made that up lol).

Third. I’m not feeling anything but the skirt. I adore the skirt. But the top feels like they took a trip to the salvation army and picked random tops to throw on. I just don’t like the color and the cut does absolutely nothing for her body. Maybe it’s just the model. Maybe not.


Now….why did we have to go and ruin this? What were they thinking? This is pretty adolescent…more like something my bestie would wear in the 7th grade. It’s awkward and does not do anything for your body. FAIL.

Lastly, I actually like this one. The coat is cute, top maybe a little too revealing for a line at Target, but I’ll let it slide. The dress is ok, but a little skimpy on the fabric. Like they only had scraps to work from.

Overall, it’s a pretty decent line, FABULOUS for Target I must add. I’m glad Target is starting to do more collaborations with ACTUAL designers! Their clothes are finally starting to get better and more fashionable. I must applaud the sisters for actually coming up with something this good for Target, because I know it must be hard to design something high-end looking, for such a small price range.

Anyway….Can’t wait till Zac Possen does his line in April…..

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