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February 1, 2010

-Seems like Emily Blunt is keeping her fashion sense after Devil Wears Prada. (btws it’s still one of my favorite movies and the fashion in the movie never goes out of style).

-Gwen Stefani still looks fab with her children yesterday. If only all moms looked like this. I particularly LOVE her jacket! I have to find out where she got it from…

-Taylor looked pretty nice during the pre-grammy party. I like the pattern of this dress…it’s everywhere from GG to Chanel…

-Love or hate R’s dress from a pre-grammy party?

-Hayden and her alleged bf? Umm…it looks like he’s 40 years older than her…just wondering.

-Love her look. I’ve gotten used to the fact that she’s a slut so it doesn’t frighten me anymore to see her in stuff like this. I think it’s really cute, she played the accessories well, kept it minimal with the clutch as well. Good job Miley! You’re learning! Now we’ll have to work on that makeup. Your face looks like a baby’s butt. Literally. You’re so white. You don’t really need makeup.

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