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Zac Posen for Targé (Target hahaha)

February 7, 2010

Hey peeps! Okay so I know this is like two months early, but Zac Posen designed a collection for Target! It doesn’t arrive until April 25th, but I have pictures I ripped from somewhere that was directly from his lookbook. Let me know what you think…and if this will actually make you step foot inside a Target!

I Just adore this rain jacket. "I've never seen one like that before". (Gaga) However, I don't really like the sleeve length. It's seems funny to have a rain coat with short sleeves. What's the point?

I LOVE this skirt. It's so cute, and I've been in the mood for floral patterns. "Florals for spring. Groundbreaking". (Miranda) I'm also obsessed with the bikini top. I don't know if someone will wear it like this, but it looks cute.

I think this is one of the best pieces in his collection. It's also merging between low and high fashion with the giant bow, which gives me mixed feelings. Maybe it will be ok. I'm not sure yet.

This is very American Apparel'ly. It's gold lame, which is exactly what AA has....humm....but tons cheaper!


This is a cute dress...I don't know if it's too shiny for me but it's cute so I give it that

I think this is really awesome, and the cut is cool too. It has a kind of edgy feel to it, but I'm confused as to how to wear this...I'm not sure if I would just wear it alone, or add something to it.

This is just a cute little black dress. Nothing special. (besides the tie-dye tank under it...which is a nice touch)

I'm not too crazy for this dress...I can't tell what the pattern is, and I'm not sure if it's the quality of the photo or the dress looks made of towel.

I love the cut and fit of the shirt. I might actually go out and buy it. The bathing suit reminds me of something Gaga would wear...but the cooch isn's thin enough. It's really cute though.

I really like this one. It seems futuristic, but maybe too much?

I don't like this, because I've seen it soooo much. It's too hourglassey.

I don't like the bottom but the shirt it cute...without the knitted like sleeves tied in the front. The shoulders are pretty fierce.

HATE THESE SHORTS AND SHIRTS...unless you're going for a tourist-y pose. It even looks like she's acting like a tourist. (not that I have anything against tourists).

Marilyn Monroe, Anyone? Cute.

Still on the fence with this. Cute or too boho? Depends on the fabric.

This reminds me of Gossip Girl for some reason. It's co cute and chic but preppy at the same time. The jacket is cute too...accept it's 200.00. Pretty steep for Target.


I don't like the tees that designers make with their names. It seems too cheap. But the pants fit well, but only if you're 6 feet tall..

Prom dress? Yes. Not something I would actually wear. It's funny because Zac said this was for women who wanted red-carpet stuff to wear, but had no red carpet to walk...

This also feels American Apparel-like, and it's also way to sheer...(look at her legs)

I hate this one. Where would you have to go to wear this floor-lenght "gown"? If it's somewhere classy you'll have to buy a real one. I'm not understanding this, nor feeling it.


This is one of my least favorite, because I'm not feeling the whole "women suit" trend. The blazer fit her nicely, but I'm not liking the whole overall look

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