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Getting into Fashion Week Day 2

February 19, 2010

Manolo Blahnik pumps….$715.00

Prada Saffiano Fori Boston Bag….1,695.000

Armani Bauhaus Panel Dress….7,725.000

Sneaking into Mercedes Benz Fashion Week….Priceless

Yesterday was the last day of Fashion Week in Bryant Park EVER. So sad. But the memories will always remain. But that’s not what this post is about. This is a VERY SHORT guide on how to sneak into Fashion Week, written with two days of experience, and 7 successes (a few even front row).

First Step.

Get inside! Getting into the tents is actually, and frighteningly scary, EASY. All you have to do is look good. Dress with style. Wear anything you want. As long as it’s not something you wear every day (unless you’re like me, truly fab…jk i’m not even going to front). Wear something glamorous, name brand, or something that looks name brand. The crazier you dress, the more pictures you’ll get taken of you by press and bloggers and more interviews.

My friend Jose

Step 1.5

When you get to Bryant Park (tear), stroll up the stairs like you OWN IT. You just walk up to the gate and walk right through. If you’re stopped by security, just say, “I’m on the list for {INSERT SHOW HERE}”. The house usually opens up 30 minutes prior to “Show Time” (even though they always start about 20-40 minutes late). If they ask any further questions, which they won’t, just say you left your ticket, or was recently added to the list.

Step 2

Take all the free stuff. Go to the open bar. Mix in, and mingle with people. Get your picture taken. Enjoy yourself. Act like you belong. As it gets closer to the start of the show, ask the check-in people if there is standing room available. They usually say come back later, or they give you an index card, with “S” written on it. Then you make your way to the standing line, and wait there. If it’s a really big show, it’ll have it’s own invited standing room tickets, printed nicely on invitations. That’s where you jump on the standing room line, and mix into the crowd. They don’t take individual cards because they’re invites, so you can easily slip in, as the group goes in. Just make sure you get in the middle of the group, and not on the outside where security looks to see if people have cards.

Step 3

Rush into the shows and try to make your way to the very front of the room where the models come out. Also, stand by the isles, so you can fill up the seats unoccupied. Don’t be afraid to sit down in the front row or as close as you can get! It’s all good! If they end up showing up, they’ll just ask you to relocate, and won’t throw you out. Enjoy the show!

Step 4

After the show, pick up mementos. Get the folders, gift bags, anything you can find to make it look like you were invited. They’re all just lying around and no one cares.

Step 5

Go backstage! They let anyone backstage, and if you look good, they’ll just let you walk backstage. Once backstage, you can talk to the models, take pictures with them, and even see the designers. You can walk through hair and makeup, and pretty much do anything. When you’re ready, just repeat the process with the next show, which starts lining up as soon as you enter for the previous show…so don’t take too much time backstage!

Some Notes…

1. Everything is FREE. Enjoy yourself, and get EVERYTHING. There’s free snacks, an open bar (that doesn’t card for IDs) and free booths like a chocolate fountain, Starbucks Fridge, free makeup by MAC, you can get your hair done for free by Tresemé, or a free massage. Take advantage, because Mercedes Benz is here to provide pleasure for YOU.

2. When in doubt, take out your phone or talk to someone. It looks official if you have an iPhone, or Blackberry, and are always checking it. Most people are cool with you sneaking in. They actually think it’s the most awesomest thing ever, and you’re pretty cool and belong here for sneaking in. So, don’t act like a spy. I was interviewed for NPR and said I was planning to sneak in with a few friends. It’s totally cool…as long as the security guards outside don’t find out.

3. Walk around and look amazing, so people can take your pictures. It makes you seem like you belong even more. It’s also fun. Don’t forget to say “Prune” as you’re taking it! (inside joke)

So there you have it. An inside look on how to get into fashion week. Just be careful, and remember the worst they can do is throw you out. If it’s just one person throwing you out, you can get back in if they’re not working the door. You won’t be arrested, so it’s all good. Until next fashion week, and Lincoln Center…


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