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must-have item right now….Trench Coat.

April 6, 2010

If you don’t have one right now…Ya’ll need to get one.

Trench Coats are so awesome, and they come in so many different colors and cuts and sizes and shapes. So don’t just get a generic one. Find one that suits you and your personality. A few things to remember:


Search online. You want the best price and you should be aware what prices are like out there. Don’t but a 750.00 Burberry trench (although I’m so in love with it and am considering saving for about….three years haha). I brought my trench at this crazy church flash sale, that I just happened to walk by on the Upper West Side. And guess what. It was only 5.00!!! A Sample from some garment warehouse. But pretty none the less. So also check out vintage stores and thrift shops. And random creepy churches.


Think about where you’re going to wear it, and when. My trench is a summer trench, so the lining doesn’t really exist. It’s nice because it will keep me warm when it’s cold, and cool when it’s hot. I usually have it open, so I feel the light breeze pass by. Don’t spend a ton of money on a trench and not be able to wear it because it’s either too hot or not warm enough for the weather!


If the trench fits…I don’t know where I was going with that…Buy it! Make sure it fits you in the right places. I think everyone knows that.


How the heck do you tie it? I have no idea. You can figure that out.

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