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On Point.

July 5, 2010

Here is a spread from Vogue Paris 2006, which I really like. I’ve just been looking around at this one site that people post stuff to, and someone actually found my own spread. Anyway,  I know it’s old but I still think great photography is relevant at any time period. This is a bad-ass shoot. On Point???

I really like the long billowy dress with the short furry jacket.

The top of this dress is really cute. I really like sheer tops and the lace-like feather is awesome

The leggings say it all. I've been obsessed with temporary tattoos, and I like how these have tattoos one them.

The colors are sweet.

Three words. Draping is Beautiful.


Megan Fox by Craig McDean for Interview

July 5, 2010

Sometimes I have these thoughts where I wonder where life is going, in the near future. Like, how dull will it be with artificial intelligence and everyone is lazy? Well this evoked these thoughts again, and I really like how they portray Megan. I might add she looks amazing! And the shoot is also very sexy.

lace is so sexy

This bracelet is so sick

Love the fur and giant coat. It seems so classy.

Topshop Fall/Winter 2010

July 3, 2010

Here are some of the looks from Topshop’s Fall/Winter 2010 collection! I’m very excited, and I really like some of these looks! Check them out:

I really like the layering of this outfit, and love the sweater over the long flowy top.

I really love the texture of this dress and I also love the beads on the shoulders. Reminds me of Lady Gaga's outfit at some awards show. The one that Armani personally made for her.

One thing I really adore....knitted socks or leggings that go up to the thighs. LOVE.

All Tatted Up.

July 1, 2010

Hey guys!!!!

I’m SOOOOOO Excited! I finally got my Chanel Tattoos! They’re pretty awesome! You might recognize them from Chanel’s Spring 2010 RTW show, on all of the girls. When I heard they were selling them, I flipped a shit. Like seriously. They’re amazing. And fun. But as you guessed, they’re gonna cost you. My total? 86.00. And that’s not including shipping if you don’t want to pick them up at a boutique. But they’re so worth it, with 55 awesome designs and chains that can totally escalate your look. What do you guys think? Pics after the jump!

Alexander McQueen Resort 2011

June 30, 2010

Alright, I know it’s been a while. I’ve been very busy. I’m soon going to launch my new website, which is a styling how-to website! You’ll be able to send in questions and I’ll blog and have hot deals and news, as opposed to whatever I feel like posting here! It’s less high-fashion and more street style and info, which is what I really want to put out into the world!

Anyway, so I just saw pictures from Alexander McQueen’s Resort 2011, and I think they are amazing! Check them out! What do you  guys think?

I love the business look to these dresses, yet they still have an element of sexiness to them!

The draping is amazing, and I love the lace traveling around the body of the first dress

The red dress is my favorite, and I kind of get an "Asian princess who just escaped murder" kind of vibe, which is awesome. The top of the first look reminds me of the last collection, and the gold wings on the shoes.

Sandal Virgin

June 26, 2010

Hey guys. So I just ordered my very first pair of sandals. I popped my sandal cherry. They’re gladiator sandals (which I’ve wanted for a very long time) from Ann Demeulemeester’s Spring 2009 RTW collection. I’m in love with them even though they’re already about 3 years old. whateves. Check them out. What do you think? You like them?

Louis is everywhere.

June 25, 2010

I’m really in love with Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2010 Ad Campaign! I love how it feels like a different time period. I always wish I was born earlier in the century! Presumably the 20s.

I LOVE the texture of the leather dress! soo amazing.