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Fun day at work.

July 22, 2010

Today I made a dress. It was very furry. My friend Adriana has this online shop where all of the clothes are made from materials from Ikea. Free People sent us 10 GIANT boxes of fabric, two of them which were boxes of sample clothes! (I don’t think they meant to do that).  We  hod them in lockers. So I got fabric and clothes. It was christmas.


my first time.

July 18, 2010

Now revealing my first attempt ever at sketching designs (they’re pretty bad). So don’t judge. I can’t draw lol I traced the body first.

Jessica Stam for Harper’s Bazaar US August 2010

July 18, 2010

I really love how this editorial uses everyday events and architecture to correspond with the clothes on the model. I think clothes are ultimately designed to respond to our surroundings, and these clothes and backdrops do just that. Take a look for yourself!

Better Than Living…Ikea Swimwear!

July 17, 2010

Hey! So just a quick thing. My super awesome friend Adriana is starting to sell some bathing suits and clothes made from Ikea stuff. She writes for their blog, and it’s pretty fierce. This is going to be a play on the H&M Swimwear ads that are so ubiquitous.  This is JUST A TEASER, not a final edit yet, photoshop still needs work. Just thought they were awesome and really wanted to show you a peek.

Get Your REAL Style Fix!

July 17, 2010

Hey Guys! I just stared a new blog that’s all about STYLE. No high-end fashion crap. Just the real deal. Learn how to follow the latest trends, as well as shop the sales and discounts! It’s still a work in progress, but you should definitely keep an eye on this one!

Yellow and Camel

July 12, 2010

I brought this month’s issue of Vogue, and it had a really awesome editorial called “The Bright Side”. As you can imagine, there were a lot of bright accessories and clothes, but one really caught my eye. And it’s something I’ve been seeing for a very long time. And now I’m truly obsessed with these two colors. Oh wait, the title of this post kind of gave it away. Well anyway, I LOVE Yellow and Camel. They go so great together, and now that we are slowly but soon approaching fall, they are going to be two colors you don’t want to miss.

I'm really digging the simplicity of this outfit, and although the yellow really adds definition to the outfit, it still has a laid-back feel to it.

Dior Pixies

July 6, 2010

This is one of my favorite Couture shows because of the execution of the theme. I loved how much work went into the planning of the outfits. Did you know Galliano spent hours staring at flowers, seeing how the light hit them over time? Well he did a great job, and you can really see how the shapes and textures translate into the dresses. The one thing I love the most about Galliano is that  it always looks classy. No matter what.